Monday, September 24, 2012

Installation Art

For the installation project, I decided to take pictures of water and really elongate the exposure to make the images really dark and appear black-hole-like and put the pictures at the end of the sidewalk when you're walking back from couch. The picture will also go into the drain in front of the main entrance in Walter with a face put into the darkened hole to make it seem like someones coming out of it. I chose this because I think it'll be kind of weird to see at the end of a sidewalk a black hole and I want people to feel like they're stepping into one and create an optical illusion. The picture in the drain, I think would just be interesting and scary because a head will literally be coming out of a drain which is basically every persons nightmare. Hopefully my art will scare people. Anyway, onto interesting installation pieces that I found.

It took me a while to realize what this was, which is black chairs all stacked together forming a spiky-looking ball. I was mesmerized by how the chairs all fit together, in this blank white room, to form this crazy shape. 
 I love rain so when I saw this I immediately thought it was the coolest installation piece ever before I even read what it was. Apparently this person used to common thoughts about rain: that it only happens outside, and that its constantly moving so no one can ever see it) and they put this cube inside and made it rain. You can, I guess, walk through this exhibit and look up and see the rain in motion and feel it. I thought that was the most awesome thing ever and if I had a glass cube and a rain machine, I would definitely try to make my own rain room.
 At first, I thought this was just like a glass wall and lights and color were just being reflected off of it which is kind of accurate. This is just a blank white room, with lights and colors and words being reflected off projectors, (or something to that effect) on it. I thought it was amazing how someone could take this blank space and put color and light into it and make it seem like thirty different, colorful spaces.
 I actually love this art, how it portrays that a tree is growing out of a wall, like its coming in from the outdoors and creating life in this space. The tree branches coming out of the white tree actually are what made this for me, it just looks so unreal and so crazy, that something could so big could be growing indoors and I think its so cool.
 By far my number two favorite (after the rain installation) installation piece like ever. This person took all of these recycled materials and literally made it seem like someone or something was crashing through the wall using just paper. I think its actually amazing how it looks so crazy in a seemingly perfect white room. The pole in the middle I think is perfect because it just separates (for me) the left side which is the most ruined and the right side which has cracks in it but still maintains its shape for the most part. Its like two worlds crashing together and it's just super cool.

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